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Family Read Alouds

“I’ve come to realise something that both delights and relieves me: reading aloud with our kids is indeed the best use of our time and energy as parents. It’s more important than just about anything else we can do.” Sarah Mackenzie I’m currently reading Sarah Mackenzie’s new book, The Read-Aloud Family, and have been convicted, … More Family Read Alouds

Our First Day 2018

This week we celebrated our first day of homeschool for 2018. We didn’t just start. We really, truly, celebrated. We celebrated because homeschooling is a joy and a privilege and we are so, so excited to be on this journey. Here are five things we did to make this year’s first day extra special. We … More Our First Day 2018


Tomorrow… Tomorrow morning, my oldest son will wake up and, still warm and fuzzy from sleep, he’ll climb into my bed for his morning snuggles. We’ll wake up slowly together, the boys and me. They’ll play together, probably with their trains, for maybe half an hour or more. I’ll read my devotions and pray. We’ll … More Tomorrow

Homeschool Needs: 10 Things I’m Loving

It’s one of the most common questions in the world of Facebook Homeschool groups. A family is setting up to begin homeschooling and they ask, “what do we need?” It’s a difficult question because “need” is so subjective. Really, we “need” so little. A library card. Pencil and paper. A sense of adventure. Google. No, … More Homeschool Needs: 10 Things I’m Loving

Year 0.5 Curriculum

Our Year 0.5 Year 0.5 is an unofficial year for users of Ambleside Online’s Curriculum. It is the Year 0 curriculum (for 0-6 year olds) with added structure and short lessons in Maths and English as needed by either the child or the state registration board. We used Year 0.5 as our NSW Prep year. … More Year 0.5 Curriculum