Family Read Alouds

“I’ve come to realise something that both delights and relieves me: reading aloud with our kids is indeed the best use of our time and energy as parents. It’s more important than just about anything else we can do.” Sarah Mackenzie I’m currently reading Sarah Mackenzie’s new book, The Read-Aloud Family, and have been convicted, … More Family Read Alouds

Burgess Books

I feel like I’m a bit late to the party on this one. Thornton W. Burgess. The Burgess Books. What a treasure. I had heard great things about the author’s works, but I had not had any luck finding them at the local Salvos or Lifeline Book Fair and hadn’t got around to looking them … More Burgess Books

Mary Poppins

We were standing in our local bookstore when my son spotted it. “May I get that one please, Mummy?” He pointed to the fattest book on the shelf. 767 pages oh my. He didn’t ask because the book was so thick. He asked because he already loved the story and knew the characters like friends. … More Mary Poppins