Home Education Australia

If you are currently homeschooling in Australia, planning to homeschool in Australia, considering homeschooling in Australia or even just curious about homeschooling in Australia, then you need to check out the work of the HEA. Home Education Australia (HEA) is a volunteer run organisation which aims to “encourage and promote the practice of home educating … More Home Education Australia

Setting Goals

Our vision for our homeschool is to instil wisdom and wonder in our boys. We are Christians and it is our deepest desire that our boys grow to have a deep personal faith of their own and to live this faith out with wisdom in their everyday lives. That they can make choices and decisions … More Setting Goals

Why Homeschool? Five Reasons to Consider Homeschooling

I often get asked when we first considered homeschooling our children and to be honest, I simply can’t remember. I know it was before we moved house because I can picture some conversations on the couch in our old apartment. “…but homeschooled kids are weird!” That was definitely said on the old green couch. Funny … More Why Homeschool? Five Reasons to Consider Homeschooling