Mother Culture

What is Mother Culture? This is a new phrase for me, although the idea itself is not.

So often as Mothers we give and give and leave ourselves feeling burnt out and empty. We lose ourselves. Mother Culture is about feeding yourself. It’s about being inspired, growing and refreshing yourself.

Karen Andreola writes of Mother Culture having been inspired by the quote above (which she believes to be from Billy Graham) and Charlotte Mason herself.

 “When a dedicated, hard-working home teacher takes part in Mother Culture she safeguards her enthusiasm. She will be better able to cope with her responsibilities. To take part in Mother Culture is to feed herself with the Word of God, with ideas from books, nature, art, music, etc., taking care to keep growing spiritually and mentally.” Karen Andreola

At this point in my life, Mother Culture looks like time with God, time to read good books, time to sew or shop and time to listen to podcasts.