Our First Homeschool Examination Day

Last Week, we had our first Homeschool Examination Day.

Following the suggestion of Ambleside Online, we decided that we would do a termly examination. It gives us a chance to see how the ideas have taken root in Mr 5 and gives him a chance to share what he knows. It was actually quite fun. We talked and reminisced over the stories we had shared, and then celebrated the milestone with a special lunch of Mr 5’s choice (pizza). It was an enjoyable exam experience. The first of many, hopefully.

“In general, the purpose of exams is to let the student show what they know, not what they don’t know. The principle to use in shaping an exam for your child is: how can they show what they know?” Karen Glass

I took a lot of my questions directly from the Ambleside Online website. (You can find sample exam questions here). I substituted a few questions where our books differed, tweaked a few to suit us better and made up a few of my own.

The whole thing took about 2 hours with a game of Forbidden Desert in the middle. Most of the questions required oral answers. I videoed a couple, and jotted down notes on the others. Writing and spelling involved, well, writing.

It was interesting to hear his responses. He surprised me a few times with what he decided to tell me and the depth of his understanding. His biblical answers were especially passionate which was so encouraging. On the other hand, I was not surprised at all that he couldn’t tell me anything from one of our less enjoyed history books. (Thankfully, it is getting more interesting now).

Me: “Can you tell me about How God made the world?”

Mr 5: “Out of nothing!! Humans make stuff out of some stuff, but God doesn’t.”

Overall, it was a very encouraging experience.

One thought on “Our First Homeschool Examination Day

  1. Really appreciate the Karen Glass quote and showing what you know – it’s a positive twist on exams being a fearful thing to expose what we don’t know. Really connect with how you are nurturing a deep and holy relationship with your teaching and your son!
    Thank you


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