Our First Day 2018

This week we celebrated our first day of homeschool for 2018. We didn’t just start. We really, truly, celebrated. We celebrated because homeschooling is a joy and a privilege and we are so, so excited to be on this journey.

Here are five things we did to make this year’s first day extra special. We did the same five things last year, which you can read about here.

A Special Breakfast

Every special day in our home begins with a special breakfast. Usually pancakes. This year, I was inspired after reading Sally and Sarah Clarkson’s The Lifegiving Home. We made a centrepiece of flowering cuttings of native trees from our garden. We made a sign. We lit candles. We feasted. Fresh fruit with yoghurt, hash browns, bacon, and, of course, pancakes with maple syrup.

“I am convinced that feasting can be a form of worship, an acknowledgement of God’s desire to create an abundant life to be enjoyed.” Sally Clarkson

First Day Photo

My Facebook news feed has been full of gorgeous photos of precious children starting school. It is a milestone worth celebrating. Starting homeschool is just as momentous, even if life doesn’t change quite so drastically. We take a photo with our sign, and I share it proudly on Facebook alongside all the others. It’s also nice to have an annual photo to see how much they grow and change.

First Day Question Sheet

It was so much fun to compare our first day question sheet to last year’s one. Thomas and trains only got one mention this year compared to, well, a lot, last year.

First Day Gift

I love to celebrate with gifts. If we can celebrate the day someone was born with a gift, then why not the day they begin homeschool? That’s my excuse anyway. Our first day of homeschool gift is usually a fun and educational resource that we will use through the year. Last year he received a set of Magic School Bus DVDs which the boys loved watching on lazy afternoons. This year, given our current love of gameschooling, he received two new card games: Nature Fluxx and Clumsy Thief, and the gorgeous book: This is my Home, This is my School by Jonathan Bean.

An Adventure

What better way to begin the homeschool year than with something definitively homeschool-y. For us, that means an adventure! We go on adventures every week and they are fundamental to our homeschool life. For our first day of homeschool, we celebrated with an extra special (read: extra expensive) adventure to see The Wizard of Oz musical at Capitol Theatre.

It was amazing. Mr (almost) 5 was grinning the ENTIRE time. He loved it. We read the book in April last year, had watched the movie a number of times, and had been playing the soundtrack over the past few weeks. He knew the story. He knew the characters. He knew the songs. He was in heaven!!


It was a very special day indeed!



One thought on “Our First Day 2018

  1. This is so lovely. I wish we could go back and do our first day again. But we can’t, so maybe I will just make an extra special day soon and plan for this next year.


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