Tomorrow morning, my oldest son will wake up and, still warm and fuzzy from sleep, he’ll climb into my bed for his morning snuggles. We’ll wake up slowly together, the boys and me. They’ll play together, probably with their trains, for maybe half an hour or more. I’ll read my devotions and pray. We’ll make breakfast together, still in our pyjamas. We’ll sit at the table and I’ll reach for my Morning Time basket. Later, Nanny will arrive to watch my 2 year old while my big boy and I will catch the train to Sydney for our special, first day of homeschool adventure.

Tomorrow morning, children all across the state, even the country, will be nervously and excitedly rushing out the door for their first day of school. They’ll be in shoes that are too hard, uniforms that are too big and carrying backpacks that threaten to topple them backwards. Some will wave happily goodbye, some will be scared, some will be sad. Many, many, mothers will cry with joy, pride, and sadness. It is a different sort of adventure.

Tomorrow, my son would have been joining them. Except he’s not. Tomorrow marks the day that our journey truly reaches a fork in the road. Tomorrow, for the first time, he is NOT doing something that he would have.

It is exhilarating, exciting and a little bit terrifying. Mostly exciting. Really, really exciting.

Tomorrow we are really, truly, homeschoolers.

Bring it on!

One thought on “Tomorrow

  1. I remember vividly that first day when my eldest would have been going to school with everyone else in her age group if we hadn’t chosen to teach her ourselves. She was a fluent reader with a huge vocabulary & they wouldn’t have known what to do with her, but besides that, on that ‘first day of school’ she’d woken up with a high temperature and was sick for a couple of days so she wouldn’t have gone anyway!


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