The 2018 Planning Post

Happy New Year! I’m writing this a few weeks late because I have been enjoying our Summer holidays and have been busy swimming, doing puzzles, reading and playing games. It has been very relaxing and refreshing.

I have also planned and prepared for our upcoming homeschool year.

Originally, I thought about writing a post describing my planning process. I even typed it out. To be honest though, it was as disconnected as the thoughts in my head. I guess that’s exactly what my planning is: An ongoing conversation with myself. Oh, and shopping. Lots of shopping. And booklists. And time browsing Facebook groups for recommendations and reviews…. Definitely not blog post worthy.

So instead, I thought I’d share the finished product because, while my planning may be somewhat chaotic, my plan (hopefully) is not.

You can see a full list of our curriculum and book choices for 2018 here.

The Plan

First and most importantly, I have my master plan. It contains:

  • 2018 Term Plan (We do approximately 6 weeks on, 1 week off, scheduled around birthdays and school holidays, and a short term to finish dedicated to Advent)
  • Weekly Rhythm
  • NSW Stage 1 Stage Statements
  • Composer and Artist Study outlines
  • Resources/Booklist
  • Adventure List
  • Term Schedules (modified AO)
  • Weekly Schedules
  • Reading Log (Together)
  • Reading Log (Alone)

I also have a catalogue of Gameschooling Resources sorted by length and subject. We use games every day and received a lot of new ones for Christmas. Sometimes the choice gets overwhelming. This catalogue is to help me choose which games will go in my Morning Time basket each week and ensure that we don’t forget any gems.

Finally, I have a simple week-to-a-view diary for recording all the extra, unscheduled learning. Adventures, cooking, workshops, puzzles, games, performances, sports, etc.

The Set Up

We homeschool at our dining table and store our resources in our study. My Morning Time basket sits at the table and contains our Bible and Literature selections, a few puzzles or fidgets for Mr 2, and some short games (these change each week). The majority of our resources are kept in our homeschool trolley which we bring out each day. Here we keep our workbooks, notebooks, scheduled reading books, memory work, All About Spelling manipulatives and  our pencil caddy.

I also went shopping and restocked our craft and stationery suuplies. (In case you can’t tell, I like shopping a lot.)

Lastly, I set up for our first day of homeschool for the year. Last year we had a special day to start our homeschool journey, and this year we will be doing the same. I have a super exciting adventure planned for my big boy to celebrate his first day of school, along with a number of traditions that we started last year.

We are counting down the days!!


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