Mere Motherhood – Cindy Rollins

This post is part of my series on Mother Culture – My Reading List.

Mere Motherhood by Cindy Rollins

This book made my heart race, and my head nod with agreement. Empowered. Inspired. Not because Cindy has challenged me to consider new ideas but because over and over again she presented the very same ideas that I hold to and then showed me how they played out in her family. It was an affirmation and a picture of hope. She doesn’t sugar coat, she doesn’t promise success, and she doesn’t argue her opinion. She simply shares the story of her family, her homeschool and her ideas. She is honest about her struggles, candid about her mistakes, and vulnerable with her fears. It is easy to read, powerful and, at times had me chuckling out loud.

Woven throughout Cindy’s story is a wonderful assortment of tips and ideas for raising boys and homeschooling. She talks about reading wonderful stories together. She shares about Morning Time and written narration. She tells of her experiences with grammar programs and curriculum catalogues. She somewhat terrified me with tales of shooting at rats, car accidents, and explosions. I would imagine those with larger families would also draw relief and inspiration from her words.

I loved reading this book. It was a restful pause in a chaotic time. It was a reminder that the daily mundane is beautiful. It was a promise that motherhood is blessed. It was an affirmation that homeschooling is virtuous.

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Unfortunately this book is not available in Australia yet, or through the Book Depository.

Amazon (now available for Kindle)

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