Home Education Australia

If you are currently homeschooling in Australia, planning to homeschool in Australia, considering homeschooling in Australia or even just curious about homeschooling in Australia, then you need to check out the work of the HEA.

Home Education Australia (HEA) is a volunteer run organisation which aims to “encourage and promote the practice of home educating in Australia and to provide members with benefits which would be difficult to obtain by individuals or smaller groups.” What a wonderful mission.

The HEA works at the big picture level and the individual. They have resources and help available for everyone, not just members and if you check out their website you can find information on getting started with homeschooling, as well as the specific regulations for each state. Their membership benefits, however, are AMAZING. Yep, capital letter worthy. AMAZING!

I’m talking about the bees knees of registration packs (including templates and samples) and lovely personal support to guide you through the registration process. Public Liability Insurance for group events. Work Experience Cover. And, of course, some spectacular discounts (eg World Book Online for FREE, Discounts for Reading Eggs, Skwirk, Study Ladder, and so many more than I could name – you can see the full list here).

The discounts and personal benefits are great, and definitely worth the cost of membership. However, something that I didn’t fully realise was the way that each individual membership benefits the whole work of the HEA and other homeschooling families across Australia. It really is a membership into something bigger than yourself.

I contacted the HEA and they were kind enough to answer some questions for me.

Is the HEA state specific? – No. The HEA is a national run organisation with committee members and a member base that is Australia wide.

Who runs the HEA? – The HEA is a volunteer/committee based association with 2 paid administrators (Kerry Wennersten and Tamara Kidd) [You can find the list of Past and Present Committee Members here]

What is something about the HEA that people might not realise? – that we are a volunteer run association that offers insurance cover for both events and work placements. That we have many discounts and special offers available and exclusive to HEA members. That we advocate nationally for better legislation for homeschoolers Australia Wide and have had huge gains in changing policy and legislation in recent years.

How can we support the work of the HEA? – by becoming a member and a volunteer to support the association. There are many 1 of projects or ongoing smaller jobs that are always in need of volunteers and helping hands from being a phone support on the 1300 line to running a State Chapter.

Here are some links which may help.

About the HEA

Homeschooling – Getting Started

HEA Membership

HEA Discounts

Volunteer with the HEA

This is completely my own opinion, I approached the HEA because I am inspired by their work. There is no benefit to me whatsoever for writing this article.

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