City Adventures – Exploring Sydney and Surrounds with Young Children

On our very first day of homeschool, we went on an adventure. We’ve continued, heading off on an adventure almost every Wednesday since.

I don’t make other plans for Wednesdays. I don’t schedule appointments. I don’t plan errands. Wednesdays are set aside. Wednesdays are for Adventures!

Adventure Shirts

Having a day set aside for adventures means that we actually go on adventures. I have to take them. They’re expecting it. My son goes to bed excited on Tuesday nights because he knows that the following morning we will set off somewhere exciting. Having a day set aside for adventures keeps me accountable.

Now, not every one of our adventures is a big, exhausting day out. Not every one costs money and planning. Not every one goes according to plan. Sometimes we have to change plans for the weather, opening days, sickness, or Mummy’s bad mood. Sometimes Adventure Wednesday turns into Adventure Thursday. Sometimes Adventure Wednesday doesn’t happen. Most of the time, though, it does, because we all love it. In fact, if you ask my son his favourite thing about homeschool, he will tell you, adventures (followed closely by Poetry Teatime).

We try to alternate city with nature. Every second week we head to a local nature spot to wander and explore. We have explored ponds, creeks, rivers, dams, blowholes, beaches, lagoons, bushland and waterfalls.

Every other week we go on a city adventure. I have an ideas list, and at the start of each term I plan out the adventures for each week. Sometimes I follow the plan. Other times I just choose the day before, or even the morning of. It’s very flexible. Sometimes we drive but we do try to catch train, buses and trams where possible. When my son turned 4 he thought it was the most exciting thing to receive his very own Opal Card. We like to wander through Sydney City, pointing out the different historic buildings and walking through the gardens. Sydney City is best explored on foot and we have walked through quite a bit of it this year. We are looking forward to the tram line finishing though, sometimes little legs get tired!

Here is our list for this year. It’s not a complete list of everything to do with kids because that would be endless. It’s simply the list that we’ve been working through this year. We haven’t made it to everything on it yet, but we’re getting there. It’s tailored to my boys, who are young and train obsessed and a few good bookshops for me.

Sydney City



  • Circular Quay
  • Darling Harbour
  • The Rocks

Sydney Regional


  • Old Helensburgh Train Tunnel

Blue Mountains

Canberra – I wrote about our Canberra Adventures here

I share about our Adventures on my Facebook Page


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