Mr Popper’s Penguins

“Thomas, I have a special delivery for you. You must take the penguins to Ulfstead Castle. They will be performing for the Earl of Sodor. Thank you Thomas, you are a really useful engine.”


One sign of a good book for me, is when my son starts incorporating the story or characters into his play. This week, Popper’s Performing Penguins visited Sodor.

Mr Popper’s Penguins has been such a fun read. We got up and pretended to be penguins as we read it, waddle-marching around the room. We turned on the lamp to make a “spot light” to perform under. We laughed together. We got sad together.

Some of the story was a bit beyond him (mostly the money aspect) but he has definitely enjoyed the penguins and their antics.

Of course, he now wants to go on a holiday to Antarctica. Thankfully he hasn’t figured out yet that, “I’ll think about it” actually means, “nope.”


We celebrated the book with a visit to the zoo to visit the (fairy) penguins. They have a cute waddle-march. We went to a keeper talk and watched them dive for food. My little one thought they were fish.

We bought a plush penguin from the zoo shop and named him “Captain Cook” of course.

A memorable read aloud experience.

Buy it here:

Book Depository  |  Amazon

PS. Taronga Zoo Memberships are amazing, kids are free! We have now visited three times since we got our membership at the start of June and it has saved us so much. It also takes the pressure off having to see everything when you go because you know you can come back again any time you like. As registered homeschoolers you can access school rates and the “teacher” is free but for us the membership is the way to go.

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