Our Backyard

Yesterday was a glorious winter’s day. I grabbed a book, some afternoon tea for the boys and we headed outside for some fun. They didn’t want to come inside, what a blessing.

Our backyard is tiny, just a thin strip of grass that runs around the back of our house.

It was boring. We never used it. We tend to walk to the park or for a drive somewhere to get outside.

Last year, I was inspired to make a play space for the boys. They needed some dirt and sticks!

I started digging up the grass down the side of the house.

I stopped digging up the grass because it turns out it’s really hard to dig up grass and I am weak and lazy.

I paid someone to dig up the grass.

We collected logs and sticks from the side of the road as we drove along.

Some river stones.

Someone was giving away trucks and diggers.

Someone was giving away giant dinosaurs.

A local business gave us the pallets.

Finally, the mulch (we couldn’t keep the grass and weeds from growing back).

It turns out when you get free mulch from a tree-lopping company, you get a LOT of free mulch. We still have a massive pile to use up or pass on to someone else.

We now have a backyard that is fun to play in. That encourages creative and physical play. A place to be outside.

It’s hard to tell (the mulch still needs to settle) but we made an obstacle course/path from one end to the other with rocks to step from and logs to walk along.

It took a long time (almost a year). It hardly cost anything. It’s nothing fancy but it is fun!

Now we just have to get rid of the extra mulch.

Anyone need some?


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