Planning Day – Term Three

It’s Planning Day here, which means there are books and piles of paper everywhere, the laminator is sizzling and the binder is leaving little bits of paper fluff everywhere. The boys are watching a movie marathon of The Land Before Time and I am eating copious amounts of chocolate.

Each holidays I plan for the following term which is about 10 weeks with a break midway.

It’s a fairly straightforward process, unless I feel the need to change things around.

Firstly, I review the previous term’s work. I make sure I’ve checked off everything we’ve completed. Often we have gone completely off the plan. I try to accommodate Mr 4’s interests as much as possible so sometimes we have done something completely different to what was planned. This term we were going to read James and the Giant Peach but he requested Mary Poppins instead. We also stopped his reading lessons with Teach Your Monster to Read because he was reading so well he didn’t need them anymore. We also started doing Dictation and Copywork for writing because he was excited to do some writing on the computer and so we made it part of our daily Tablework.

I simply go through our day and update or replace our chosen resources, and turn it into a checklist for the term. I put it together with printouts of our Rhythms, our list of Field Trip ideas and plan, and our Big Picture/Future Plans which is where I jot down any ideas for future resources or ideas. I bind it all together into a book which I find so convenient.

Some things I am excited about this term.

  • We are doing a picture study of artwork by James Abbott McNeill Whistler which I plan to introduce by watching Bean Movie with Rowan Atkinson. I have chosen five important artworks, printed and laminated them and printed a cheat sheet for me to go with it.
  • We will finish reading Magic Australia by Nuri Mass and then begin Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer (Amazon, Book Depository).
  • We are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl (Amazon, Book Depository). In the same way that we read Mary Poppins, he has been watching the movie (the Gene Wilder version) alongside it. When we finish it we are going to make our own Wonka Chocolates from scratch!
  • For STEM, I found an electrical circuits Piano Lab kit at Big W. He loves Snap Circuits and this is similar. He is very excited to open it and begin experimenting.
  • For his Thursday Projects we will be making our own paper in the first half of the term, and making a model of the solar system in the second half.
  • We have been keeping a Nature Journal together but it hasn’t been a regular thing. This term we are going to take some time during Morning Time on Thursdays to make an entry.
  • Most exciting of all, we have booked a family trip to Canberra! We will explore Questacon, the Mint, Parliament House and I’m sure many other things. We are hoping to make this trip every two or three years as the boys grow, so that they can feel a connection with our nation’s capital.

It’s all printed, laminated, bound, collected and put into our Homeschool Trolley. I’m done, and can enjoy the rest of my holiday!


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