Homeschool Holidays!

This week, we’re on holidays! Hooray!

It seems kind of strange since homeschooling (especially at this stage) is still fairly relaxed and light. It certainly doesn’t feel like hard work.

Our holidays are still important though. And we look forward to them.

We follow a five weeks on – one week off program, give or take a birthday. We try to align with school holidays so that the boys can have time with family and friends who are also on holidays.

So, what do our holidays look like?

  • A break from our Routine or Rhythm – The only thing we continue is a light Morning Time with Bible and our read aloud over breakfast. And, sometimes Poetry Teatime, because it is requested repeatedly.
  • Relaxation and Refreshment – I try to deliberately do things for myself. Things that I know I enjoy. I may take the time to read a book. Have a bath. Go shopping. Catch up with friends. It’s time that I use to be more thoughtful about refreshing myself. This is my holiday too.
  • Reset and Reorder – I also take time during the week (either one whole day, or little bits each day) to reset and reorder my house. During our term, things start to pile up. Paperwork, books, supplies, and just those random things that have lost their homes. Resetting the house reenergises me. It feels good to put my house back in order and gives us a clean slate to start the next term.
  • Review and Planning – Each holiday I review our previous term’s work and put together the plan for the following term’s work. It works well for us to plan only 5 -10 weeks at a time. I usually have a good idea of what we will be doing and I pull from my big picture and future notes. It’s usually just a matter of pulling it together and gathering any little bits that I need.
  • Fun and Friends – We certainly see lots of friends during the term, but during the holidays I try to make an extra effort to organise catch ups. Especially with those who are on school holidays. There’s also extra activities and events available during the school holidays so we try to take advantage of those too. Today we’re going to see a Thomas stage show at one of the local shopping centres.

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