Mary Poppins

We were standing in our local bookstore when my son spotted it.

“May I get that one please, Mummy?”

He pointed to the fattest book on the shelf. 767 pages oh my.

He didn’t ask because the book was so thick. He asked because he already loved the story and knew the characters like friends.

Mary Poppins.

The Complete Collection, by P. L. Travers – all six books in one giant book. Of course a box set (Amazon, Book Depository has since been released with books of a much more comfortable size. Oh well.

This is one of the reasons why I value book inspired movies. They draw you into the world of the story. For him, it means he has a scaffold on which to picture the story. For him, it means he chose Mary Poppins from the shelves at the book store. Now, we have 767 pages of wonderful, classic, story to read.

We have been reading the first book this term. It is our “read aloud.” We mostly read it during Morning Times but also at other suitable times. We take out time. He has continued to watch the movie as we read it and, even at his young age, he loves to point out the differences between the book and the movie.

We were also fortunate to attend a musical production of the Broadway musical at a local school. It was fantastic. I had been eyeing off tickets to The Wizard of Oz at the Capitol Theatre (our previous read aloud/movie combo) but the prices were exorbitant and I wasn’t sure how he would find the whole experience. Being a school production was a lot cheaper and less overwhelming. We were able to get there early and wander around the hall, stopping to look at the musicians warming up on their instruments. The students who portrayed Mary Poppins and Bert in particular were simply phenomenal. I was very impressed.

He was enraptured. Utterly spellbound. A massive smile plastered across his face. I do not think he moved a muscle until intermission.

He has been singing the songs ever since.

We have almost finished the book. What a wonderful story it has been.

Now, he has been watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the Gene Wilder version). I think I know what our next book to read aloud will be.


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