Homeschool Launch: Five Reasons to Start with a Bang

“Are you going to Big School next year?”

My eldest son gets asked this at least once a week. He’s only little but he knows the answer. He grins and proudly tells them,

“My school is Homeschool!”

At the start of the year we “launched” our homeschool. We set a day, the same day that most schools were starting for the year, and we made a big deal of it with our son. We counted down the days. We talked about it. And we started with a bang. When I hear him speak with such joy of his “school” I am so glad we did this.

Here are five benefits to having a Homeschool Launch.

1. Inclusivity

Starting at Big School is a major event in most children’s lives. They talk about it with eager anticipation. By telling him “You are going to start Homeschool this year” and “your school is Homeschool” he had language in common with his friends and could share in their conversations without feeling left out.

2. Excitement

Okay, I’m going to be honest here. I have been researching, planning and dreaming about homeschooling since our eldest was about 4 months old. I’m passionate about the idea. I’m excited about the idea. I’m in the bring up homsechooling in every second conversation and won’t she ever shut up about homeschooling phase. I wanted him to be excited too. A special launch day gave us both something to look forward to with excitement.

3. Change

While my husband and I have tried to create a home lifestyle of wisdom and wonder with our boys, our Homeschool Launch signalled a change towards something a little more structured. Not a lot, since the boys are still young, but this afforded us a good opportunity to introduce some more structure to our daily and weekly rhythms. Our eldest is quite particular about how things are done and doesn’t cope well with change so by incorporating this change within the excitement of a Homeschool Launch it helped him to process it.

4. Intentionality

By starting Homeschool officially I became accountable. It drives me to be more intentional about what our son is learning and how he is spending his time. This is not to say that we don’t TV days for sanity’s sake, but that our overall lifestyle and rhythms have a purpose behind them.

5. Memories

Somewhere in your parents’ cupboards is a photo album, and in that photo album is a picture of you, standing out the front of your house in a massive uniform (growing room) that’s so new it could stand up by itself and a schoolbag that’s bigger than you. It’s a precious memory of your first day of school. Every year, my Facebook Newsfeed is flooded with pictures like this. Deep inside me is this lurking fear that by homeschooling my children they might miss out on a “first day of school” memory. It’s a bit irrational I know, but those photos are irreplaceable. A Homeschool Launch was a gift to myself, and hopefully my boys, to create memories that are precious. Look how gorgeous he is! Read my next post to see how we celebrated the day.

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